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I won appeal but cant reopen old claim even though it was validated?

by Tony
(Pennsylvania Unemployment)

I won appeal but cant reopen old claim even though it is an existing claim

I recently won my appeal in pa. the first 6 weeks my appeal was pending i continued to file so i could get backpay if i won.

The next 8 weeks before my appeal i did not file because i was escaping a painful domestic situation. now that i won my appeal i expect I'll get payed for when i signed up. But now when i tried to reopen my claim i'm told my only option on the application website is to file a whole new claim like i did 4 months ago.

Does this mean my employer will get to contest this new claim all over again, hoping for a harsher referee so I'll get denied on appeal this time?


No .. not unless you have had a subsequent job which you have separated from since you filed the original claim. The merit decision from your referee hearing stand .. until and unless the department issue another determination or ruling on your current claim which denies benefits for another reason. Then, of course you would have to appeal again to another referee hearing for another decision on the "correctness or incorrectness of the latest determination.

You need to reopen the claim and you need to do it per Pennsylvania procedures for reopening an existing claim.

And wait to see what happens.

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