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I won my appeal hearing, What are the odds my employer will win its appeal to this decision?

by Carl
(North Carolina)

I was initially denied benefits in North Carolina because I was fired. I appealed and had the telephone hearing with the hearing officer, HR manager and former supervisor present. The initial decision was modified and I was awarded to start receiving benefits. In a weird twist, I was not awarded the back back. It is almost as if the hearing officer saw both sides of the story and tried to compromise in his decision.

Anyway, I got a letter saying my employer was appealing the decision. Since no new evidence can be admitted and they are basically reviewing the initial appeal decision by the hearing officer, I'm wondering what the odds are that the employer will win this appeal?

There is no new evidence to my knowledge that could be admitted.

It's usually dependent upon the quality of the legal brief which should be submitted for this level of appeal.

The reason that this level of appeal may work is if the legal brief cites "hearing officer error" and there is case law to support that an error was made.

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