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I won my appeal in Florida. How long until I receive my backpay?

by jose

I was denied unemployment because they said I did not have enough wage credits. I work at my company for four years . I appealed the fact that I should have had enough wage credits. I won the referees desicion was reversed. It says im entitled to additional wage credits of 10,000 in every quarter. When will I receive this money. I know in Florida the most you can get is 275 a week. Will I get every week that I claimed from the beginning. It has been 3 months since I intially filed my first unemployment claim. I always claimed my weeks even though I never recieved money. Will I get a big lump sum or just start collecting from today on? Please help me out thanks

Hi Jose,

That was an appeal of a "monetary determination".

As long as you have another determination (the non-monetary) stating you will receive benefits based on whatever the reason for the separation from work was .. you should get all the benefits you've been filing for and quickly. It shouldn't be more than a week to 10 days .. but Florida seems to be taking as long as they possibly can to actually pay people .. even after winning appeal hearings.

Here's the thread about the length of time people are waiting and even a suggestion from someone who managed to force them to pay.

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