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I won my appeal

by Debbie
(North Carolina)

I had my 2nd Florida Unemployment appeal hearing on June 25, 2010. It was reversed in my favor. The 1st hearing was in April and it was affirmed. I appealed. The Commission sent it back due to a procedural error. My question is, Since my 2nd appeal ended in a reversal in my favor, how long before I can receive my benefits? Keep in mind that I have been claiming my weeks since Feb. 28th.

It should not take long, but that's what I use to tell people in Florida after they won the first hearing. Seems, it's just aok for the state to drag out the task of changing the info in a drop down box from denied to approved.

So, I'm sorry I can't tell you exactly, when they will start paying you, but honestly, I want you to tell me and everyone else what the procedural error was and how you managed to win .. it's a rare thing you know .. and something everyone might benefit from and you should be bragging about .. I mean this!!

Care to share?


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Apr 18, 2011
I won mine 2
by: Bert

Just won my appeal hering lastweek, Long story short.
If you are denied 1st round, When you receive your letter of denial, Read it and UNDERSTAND it, the reason for the denial. Thats the key in bringing fire to your appeal process.
You must prove the section code that was the basis for the denial to be wrong, And prove you DO NOT FALL under that law.Thank you very much, i learned that from this site and other's that help people with unemployment issue's

I was denied first round, Employer said i quit, The day my doctor requested i go on short term for a few weeks the company sent me a pink slip the day after stating i quit, Lost 4 family member's in 2 month's pryor and i became very ill, I had voice mails and doctors notes, called in every day sometimes 2 - 3 times, followed every rule, and still i was denied, So i hit the laws and handbooks and found everything possible to win, I did.....Thank you all.
But now the issue is the 12 weeks retro, They approved me for this weeks check, But still held back the 12 pryor. Sure doesn't feel like i won.

Jul 07, 2010
Procedural Error
by: Debbie

My Appeal was sent back to due to the first hearing officer not calling my witness. It also had to do with my HR manager not testifying. I had to explain that the HR area manager was not the one who I spoke to in regards to me leaving my unemployment. Very long complicated story. On the second hearing, the HR manager again did not testify.

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