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I won my first appeal due to ex employer not able to make the hearing because they were going on vacation.

by M.B.

Illinois unemployment benefit recipiency from 2006 through 2013

Illinois unemployment benefit recipiency from 2006 through 2013

I was terminated from my job due to misconduct. Stating I violated the social media policy. I had posted a picture of another employees attire on my Facebook page.

I had my first hearing and the ex employer did not make the hearing. They filed a continuance due to the human resources rep was going on vacation and was denied.

They have filed an appeal to the decision that was in my favor. And now I have a second hearing.

They are questioning 1) whether an appeal from the claims adjudicators finding or determination was filed within the 30 day time limit. See 820 il a 405/800; 56 I'll adm code 2720.200 2) whether the employer filed a timely and sufficient Notice of Possible Ineligibility? See 820 ilcs 405/702; 56 adm. Code 2720.130 3) whether the request for rehearing meets the requirements of 56 ill code 2720.255(e)(3)? 4) why was the claimant separated from employment wth the approved employer? If claimant left voluntarily, was it for good cause attributable to the employer? See 820 ilcs 405/602a and 601A.

Now I have never been warned or written up for prior incidents. I sent a formal response and apology letter requesting a second chance and to keep my job. When I went into my exiting interview they had other reasons for terminating me besides violating the social media policy. Reason like I was trying to destroy the company reputation and using unauthorized websites. The picture I posted was a cropped picture of another employee's attire with their face cropped out. No names or company names were mentioned and was done anonymously. And I did it on my Facebook page which I believe I have authorization to use. I didn't do it from their computers and used my phone. What are the chances of me losing my unemployment benefits and if I do lose them will have to pay them back?

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