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I Won My Georgia Unemployment Appeal

by C. B.

I live just north of Atlanta, GA. Have lived here since 2007. I transplanted my family from the Florida gulf coast to try and find better work conditions and to be close to family.

I was recently fired, or "let go" as they phrased it, from my job in retail automotive sales. As a 10 year sales veteran I knew that the dealership was going to use any and all tactics they could to fight my receiving Unemployment
Insurance. I went through the filing and initial fact finding solo. I was denied benefits. I found, read the information and
realized that I needed help. I left my information and was contacted by David to whom I was referred, that afternoon.

He was quick to get to the points he needed to know, was polite and professional. David had an understanding and
the confidence to ensure that we had a case that most likely would be won from the onset.

I felt his fees were fair; however, I was leery about paying for a service I knew nothing about and would have very little, if any, recourse if this turned out to be a hoax, or just someone preying on me. I had no income and a family of four to provide for. David filed my appeal. I paid his
fee. The process is long and nerve racking. After what feels like an eternity we had a hearing date scheduled.

David explained the process, what he was
going to do and what he wanted me to do. The hearing went better than I could have ever done on my own. David was professional, ethical, confident and assertive.

My former employer tried to bring irrelevant issues to the table, they tried twisting the events and facts to their advantage. David shut them down, and presented a clear picture of what actually happened.

Bottom Line: I won the hearing and the benefits, rather, David won them for me.

I am keeping the wolves at bay, my family is living frugal, but happy and hopeful. I am able to conduct my job search, and career change, with a spirit of inspiration rather than out of desperation and fear
I am grateful for stumbling on to your site and for having some faith in my representative David.

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