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I won my hearing in Kentucky.. now my employer is appealling the decision... i havent even recieved my first check?

(Kentucky Unemployment Appeals)

I took a medical leave from work in July of last year. My leave ran out before my doctor would release me to work. Long story short, I reapplied for my job once I was released to perform this job. I was considered voluntary quit and was not rehired. I was denied UI and appealed this. My former employer and myself both attended the hearing. They did not enter any evidence and did not call any witnesses. I won the hearing. Now ive received a letter saying the employer has appealled that decision. The letter doesn't say why they have filed an appeal, and I cant imagine why they would, seeing as during the hearing, they practically agreed with everything I said?

How worried should I be? I have two young children on my own that I'm trying to support and have been searching and searching for a job. Ive never filed UI before now and I'm scared that I'll do something wrong? I would appreciate any advice or comments. Sorry about posting this in the wrong place earlier, I was using the Kindle.

I won my hearing in Kentucky.. now my employer is appealling the decision... I havent even recieved my first check?


How worried should you be?

There's no point in my even trying to venture a guess about how worried you should be.

All I know is that you won the hearing and from the little I know about the situation, it sounds like you should be able to collect.

Why don't you pop back here if you receive a copy of the employer's written argument .. which usually, is sent after the appeal letter is sent as you really need the transcript or the recording of the hearing to help you write that argument.


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