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i won my nj unemployment appeal. what next?

by bruce

i have been calling in since sept. its now dec. will i get back pay and will i get it on my next call in date?

You should get your backpay as soon as someone changes the status of your claim is changed from denied to approved for benefits.

This is what seems to be taking states an inordinate amount of time to do considering they're so speedy about stopping benefits.

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Feb 01, 2015
Another law?
by: Chris

Really .. another law to make people behave as if they actually care, or just start acting the way you wish they would.

That in a nutshell would cause a big problem for me and in my opinion .. would not be ethical, legal, nor anything approaching anything resembling a solution for whatever the problem is.

But then, who am I, but one person who still believes the constitution has meaning .. despite how some are taking the low road and calling it's meaning into question every time they must get their way.

Feb 01, 2015
I won my unemployment appeal
by: Anonymous

I would like if all supervisors are evaluated as a supervisor and make sure there isn't any narcissistic people being in authority in these positions, which is making the environment toxic. This is a Law that needs to be pass for all higher up CEO's manager's Supervisors and all other authority needs to be evaluated for the position and knows the law in treating there employee's with respect and really be concern on the person that was hired for the position. Otherwise keep a eye on the Higher Authority that are the problem themselves. Stop hurting people because they think they can.

Feb 18, 2012
I won my FL unemployment appeal!
by: SotoA

Always keep important emails and documents they can be very useful when fighting a legal battle especially against your employer, you don’t know who they are until you want to collect unemployment, I was devastated having to listen to the HR guy and another employee, lie, lie! I was a dedicated employee devoted to my job for 8 years, and the overload of work was taking a toll on my health, they did nothing to help me, on the contrary they kept harassing me, probably to make me quit or just simple power trip satisfaction, but still the truth prevailed! Don’t lose hope as long as you are truthful you win!

Love this!!

Thank you,


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