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I WON!!! Nothing like great information...

by Cyndi Jones
(Jay, Ok)

I recently became unemployed in the state of Oklahoma. I filed my unemployment claim and was immediately denied, the employer stated they terminated me for excessive absences. However I never signed termination papers, and all my absences were backed by doctors notes. After 8 weeks I finally had my appeal hearing and felt extremely uneasy about it. It was stressful and not something a person should do alone if you don't know what you are doing. I found this site after my appeal, but emailed Chris anyway, feeling sure I would lose my appeal. I was put in contact with a representative, that called me the next day. Although I found I did win my appeal 5 minutes before the rep called, I was still able to get great information about the possibility of the employer appealing the decision. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND using the info on this site, and the help of a representative. Thanks again for all the information and the help.

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