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I work in state of Arkansas and I got fired for doing the same job on the side can I still draw unemployment??

by Jason

I work on the ***Name deleted*** boat docks The boss I have is a big liar and shister I have worked for the previous owner for 10 years and this guy bought the business not knowing one thing about it or how to do the jobs. I have worked for him for almost a year. Frustrated because I was doing all the work and training and not getting paid to do some of this I placed a ad in the paper doing the same kind of work, but on the weekends and it came out next to his, So he said he could not have egg in his face and fired me. Now he knew I was doing work on the side but he said I couldn't be taking his customers which I have not done. Can I draw unemployment. He also owed me for a weeks vacation. Can I get that??

Hi Jason,

Your questions depend on whether the employer can prove you were breaking a "known rule".

I certainly know that without a rule .. I would try to get unemployment benefits.

Check the Arkansas Labor Laws FAQ's regarding the vacation pay.

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