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I work in Wa state and live in Oregon my commute is very long can I quit and claim UI benefits?

by am

My commute may become longer if my spouses employer changes his courier route and we have to move a further distance away. My current commute is 45 miles. If my spouses employer changes his route, my commute will be 57 miles approx. Is this reason enough to quit and claim UI benefits? I live currently in Portland Oregon and commute into Washington state. I have been employed in washington state for 6 years.

Hi, Quitting due to compelling family reasons is an area of unemployment that is changing in a number of states.

So until I am able to provide what I consider definitive information I think everyone should check to see if the state involved has maded changes the their unemployment statutes.

I also suggest that anyone verify the information with the state. I think an appeal office would be a better source of verifying changes to UI law.

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