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I worked for my previous employer 7 yrs in florida I was sent a text message and fired but never was written up. Can i still get unemployment ?

by jean
(tallahassee,florida , US)

I was fired by a text message at 10:00 the night before stating I wasn't doing my part and making everyones elses job harder. I've never been written up by the employer. I have a packet with my job title and duties for the dental office and which I did my assigned duties. The text message stated I didn't take pride in my job which I was front desk receptionist in the dental field. However, still no write up was given to me re: any of my duties not being performed nor was there any verbal warning. I still am not understanding why I was let go since nothing was ever told or given to me.I am appealing this denial. I was denied my benefits stating claimant was discharged for wilful unsatisfactory work performance and the claimants actions were not in the employers best interest. Do i have a chance at winning the appeal?

Hi Jean,

Yes, you absolutely have a chance at winning the appeal if the employer cannot prove that you were given the chance to improve your performance.

I guess it's true .. Florida is denying claims .. even when the employer cannot support a discharge was for good cause with documentation.

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