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i worked temporaly for a temp service and now the job is over do i have to refile in illinois

by Anonymous

i worked for a temp agency for a week n half and the job is done there is no more work so when i file for unemployment and report my wages am i gonna have to refile for unemployment? in illinois


You should not have to reapply, but every unemployment claim once opened requires a person to refile every week or two weeks to continue collecting. this is sometimes called recertifying.

In other words once you have initially applied for unemployment it is the same claim for one year and if you went back to work and didn't continue to certify as per instructed by the state for continuing benefits, you may need to reopen your existing claim, but not "reapply". Of course if a person has had subsequent employment once the claim was initially filed and that employment has ended, the state will be interested in why it ended.

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