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If a temp job doesn't work out can I go back and start collecting unemployment again?

by Debbie

I lost my job after 20 years and I am so lost, confused and afraid......I currently receive unemployment and have about another 6 months of benefits ......I might have a chance to work a temporary position that could lead to a benefited/regular full time position in my field- if my temp job would end would I be eligible for unemployment again? would I find out if I am unable to get through to the unemployment office? I tried sending an e-mail and received no response. I would think the system would want me to try and get employment.......

Hi Debbie,

Oh, they do want you to go back to work.

I'm will address my answer to the issues you've raised concerning accepting a temp assignment you hope will turn into a regular permanent job and working for a temp agency .. since you are located in Colorado.

If a person refuses a job .. temporary or otherwise the issue is a disqualification for refusal of work. The only reason to refuse a job is if it is not "suitable work" based upon the criteria set forth in statute.

Now onto whether you can get unemployment back if the temp position ends or if you become disheartened if it never turns into a regular "benefited job.

You will become an employee of the temp agency. And "some" states have "temporary worker provisions". Colorado does have a provision. (click here for CO's Online Reference Material

It says that if an assignment ends for any reason you must contact the
temp agency within 48 hours for another assignment (we need to be able to verify this action) or you will be considered to have voluntarily quit. So no matter the reason the assignment ends you must do this.

Let's say the position doesn't become permanent, but ends because the temp agency's client has no more work for you. This does not necessarily mean that you can now collect unemployment because the most recent work has been for a temp agency and due to the nature of their work you will only be able to collect if they can't find you more work. That would make it a lack of work claim and you would then be able to restart benefits.

BUT I know what temp agency's do, and the nature of temp work is assignments, so once you have worked on assignment .. they like to keep you working instead of you being able to collect unemployment due to a lack of work.

They have high experience ratings which just means they pay more unemployment tax on your wages. They try to keep that rate down.

They are known for offering assignments that are not suitable to your experience, location, pay expectations, etc., and protest unemployment claims by saying you "refused suitable work" or you didn't call in for another assignment etc. Although they offer a great way to make more money than unemployment pays .. you need to be AWARE.

I know I tend toward too much info sometimes, so please forgive me if it was too much.

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Oct 10, 2009
job not through temp agency
by: Debbie-again

this job is not through a temp agency-it is through the county (I worked for a different county for 20 years) the county hires employees as temps and then they can apply for regular benefited positions when the positions become available. Would I be eligible for unemployment again if the job would end through no fault of my own? (if the county runs out of work)

Yes, you would Debbie.

Oct 10, 2009
The difference between temporary jobs
by: Chris

Hi Peggy,

Yes, that of course would be different because the employer would actually be who you are working for.

Removal of a temp agency from the equation simplifies any issues.

Only the details of reason for separation would determine whether you get unemployment benefits back or not.

Oct 10, 2009
Temp job or temp agency?
by: Peggy

I'm wondering if this is just a temp job directly through a company or through a temp agency? The answer was given for a position obtained through a TEMP AGENCY but the person posting only says TEMP JOB. I'd like to know if someone finds a temp job on their own, not thru a temp agency, if they can then go back to unemployment?

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