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If I collect R.R.Retirement and work a seasonal job can i collect unemplyment? Pa.

by Daryl
(Linesville, Pa)

I receive R.R. Retirement and work partime as a bus driver. Do i qualify for unemployment for the months I'm layed off?

Hi Daryl,

I had to go looking for an answer simply because I'm just not that familar with anything to do with the R.R.

Here's what I think .. and mind you it's just what I think.

If you are laid off from your bus driving job it will be state benefits vs. R.R. UI benefits you'll be getting... I think. Therefore, it would be Pennsylvania's rules about whether a pension is deductible income as far as unemployment benefits go.

I used two different resources to arrive at my "thoughts".

Railroad Unemployment and Sickness Insurance Programs Compared with State Programs, January 2005

The effects of pensions and retirement pay on Regular State paid unemployment The information begins on page 38 and is detailed state by state in Table 5-16.

So, I'm now wondering how long you have been retired and whether because you were a railroad employee if you have an option as to what program to apply for benefits under.

Please take a look and let me know what you think. I don't know a lot about R.R. unemployment. I do know according to that chart that if the railroad is not an employer in your base period .. it looks as if Pennsylvania will not reduce your benefits.

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