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If I didn't start the job at all can unemployment stop my benefits and say I quit the job?

by Irene
(Anaheim,CA USA)

I could not work the hours schedule on a new job. I ride public transportation and the hours scheduled were from 11:00 until 3:00 am the next day. I attended orientation for two days but did not received any information about the job until the last hour of orientation. I went to management the next day and ask for a change in schedule or transfer to another department. I did not received help from management. I have written letters to CEO, managers of this company. The manager of the company called me and told me if I didn't work at least the first two days of training he would terminate me and then the manager reveals he would have terminated me anyway after the two days of work. But I explained to the manager how could I even go in the first two days I don't have transportation. I don't drive I have no one to ask for a ride. I inquired at the company about rideshare but received no offers of me riding along with someone to share a ride.

Hi Irene,

Did you fill out all the tax forms? Did the EDD refer you to this job?

Yes, if the EDD is aware that you quit the job .. they can stop your benefits if they determine you "refused suitable work".

If this happens, your only recourse is to appeal the determination to a hearing at which you can present your case to prove the work was not suitable and why it wasn't. Good cause is found or not in your reasons why you didn't continue to keep working.

Read the determination guide under the appropriate sections for voluntary quitting.

I link to it on my page for California

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