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If I get fired for calling in sick for the first time, can I collect unemployment?

by Katelyn
(NY Unemployment Benefits)

I have worked at my job since february, and I have never called in sick once. This morning, I called in sick for the first time and was told to find someone to cover me or "you have to come in." I called in sick, could not find coverage, and I can not go in to work. If I get fired for calling in sick, or quit because of this slave-like policy, would I be able to collect unemployment?

Do not quit. That would ruin your chances of collecting benefits.

However consider documenting your efforts to find coverage and covering your ass to prove you were indeed ill by getting a doctor's note. This is exactly what I would do to assure myself I had something to fight for benefits with ..

I detest employers that treat employees as chattel. it's demoralizing, but only if you let it.

I'm feeling for you this morning Katelyn as I just spent the night hunkered down over my toilet with some kind of stomach virus.

Stand firm. It's important to always act professionally and reasonably as an employee so nothing else you do out of your own outrage over the unfairness becomes a legitimate reason to discharge an employee .. and no matter what you do for a living.

It is when you can prove your reasonable actions through documentation that it then becomes easier to prove it was really the employer that acted unreasonably.

And that is what unemployment looks for .. reasonableness according to the interpretations of the law.

NY Interpretations of Unemployment


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