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If i get laid off at age 72 can I draw unemployment?

Question: If I get laid off at age 72 can I draw unemployment?

I am not laid off yet, but I heard I might be.



I wish you had included the name of the state you'd be receiving benefits from so I could of checked into the possibility of any severance, retirement pay, or social security benefits being deductible income from your unemployment weekly benefit amount, but you can do that for yourself here.

Other than the considerations above, your age, nor the lack of work claim you'd file (which is what being laid off means to the unemployment agency and an employer that responds to the notice of claim filed correctly admitting fault for your unemployment) I see no reason at all why you wouldn't be able to draw unemployment benefits.



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Jan 16, 2015
Here's the thing
by: Chris

To collect unemployment benefits, you must be able and available to look for suitable work and accept it when you find it. It's a conditional requirement of UI benefits.

Jan 13, 2015
Able to receive unemployment
by: Charlotte

Started working 1/8/2013 age 70. ON 6/30/14 was taken to local hospital, called employer, described my condition, notified that I was in hospital, also sent to rehab center, notified employer. Not able to drive. Had Dr. notes faxes to employer and information from hospital and Rehab center. Have a balance issue that hasn't gone away completely. Memory issues play a part in my condition. Don't think quickly enough to do this work. Customer Service for (deleted employer's name) was my employer. Received a notice that I didn't return to work on a certain date. I sent all information to (deleted again) as was given to me from all Doctor's. Would I be able to receive unemployment due to my condition. I still have issues with balance which supervisors were aware of. Thank You.

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