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If I had to quit job in New York

by Rosanne Friedman
(New York, NY)

I worked for a restaurant, and during last 3 months of employment there were difficult working conditions. It is not built for high-volume business, and when weather is warm, difficult to work.

My hours were changed from day to nightime. Then back to the day shift. However, within the last 2 weeks there, managers were getting worse in behavior. I was told I was not packing bags fast enough. Another manager starting working days, and he was hostile to deal with. One told me to "grab" customer so he wouldn't walk out the door without paying. They blamed cashier if customer left change on the table. Last day there, manager blamed me for a $60.00 order that wasn't picked up. I couldn't return the next day, because no longer could tolerate the abuse.

Hi Roseanne,

I can't say for yes or no. Sometimes a situation isn't clear cut until all the details from both sides come out.

You have basically said you quit due to intolerable working conditions .. so what you need to do is read NY unemployment decisions to get a feel for what is considered intolerable enough to be good cause.

Here is where you find the NY Interpretation Index. I think Grievances and Objections section 1650 might be a good place to start.

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