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If I Have to quit work for school can i file for unemployment? - Florida

by Anonymous
(Ft Myers Fl)

I have been working for my company for two years and when I was hired it was understood that for the next 3 to 4 years I was going to be in school.

The GM said that it was no problem and he would work around my school schedule. Now 2 years down the road he says that he will no longer work around my school schedule. I have been looking for another job since he told me this, but have been unable to do so.

My semester will be over in a couple of weeks and I will need to either not go back to school or quit my job. All I need is tues and thurs off. I can work any other shift any other day but he wont work with me. Can I file for unemployment if I need to quit.


You of course can file, but you really need to know if you can get it.

And I can't say for sure...however, Florida will disqualify if you leave work to attend school, but they do not consider you disqualified nor ineligible while attending school if it doesn't interfere with your availability to accept suitable work.

I wish I could give you a definitive answer .. but I would think since you are available for work all days except two and the employer has worked with you for two years your focus would probably lie in the direction of how the conditions of employment have changed. If you can hang on for a day or two, I'll be happy to do some checking because I'd feel much better about this if I could find a relative decision..which is a problem with Florida because they don't have anything online, like a precedent decision manual.

The information I did find was at the USDOL (nonmonetary p table 5-12

If I find anything, I'll post a comment to this page. In the meantime, if I were you I'd put in writing another request to the employer, asking him to accommodate your schedule, focusing on the previous agreement and length of time it's been in place. If you do quit you'll at least need to be able to show that you took steps to "preserve the employment".

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