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If i quit due to medical condition... illnois

by mentally stressed
(Chicago, IL)

I suffer from severe migraines mostly due to stress at question is can i receive unemployment if i quit due to a medical condition?

Hi Stressed,

Would you be quitting on the advice of a physician?

Have you sought any type of accommodation that would reduce the stress?

You need to read decisions relating to quitting for health reasons in the IDES.PDF

The link is to a search result page. The PDF is huge so give it time. If you have questions after reading some decisions on your issue .. let me know.

As I've tried to relate on this page even health reasons require you to first try to preserve the employment .. unless you simply aren't able to work, which would be disqualifying for benefits until at which time you do become able and available.

It's possible to quit and collect unemployment, but it is by no means effortless because the state needs to know that you tried to stay employed.

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Jul 08, 2009
medical condition
by: Anonymous

my doctor did tell me that i need to consider leaving my job.

Have you tried to get any accommodations from the employer?

Is your doctor willing to give you medical documentation saying you should quit?

Will you be able and available for other work?

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