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If I quit my job to move to Puerto Rico can I have unemployment benefits?

by lizmarie santos

4 years ago I move from PR to orlando with my husband mow I'm divorce and I'm alone with my daughter. I am in a depression treatment and two times I was at the hospital and I don't have nobody to take care of my daughter. All my family is over there and I am really in a depression and I want to move back In in a medical treatment because of my depression.

Hi Lizmarie,

Florida may allow benefits when a worker quit because of their own illness, but this would require medical documentation from your doctor. Do not take any shortcuts.

The following is from Florida statute 443.101

1. Disqualification for voluntarily quitting continues for the full period of unemployment next ensuing after he or she has left his or her full-time, part-time, or temporary work voluntarily without good cause and until the individual has earned income equal to or in excess of 17 times his or her weekly benefit amount. As used in this subsection, the term "good cause" includes only that cause attributable to the employing unit or which consists of illness or disability of the individual requiring separation from his or her work. Any other disqualification may not be imposed. An individual is not disqualified under this subsection for voluntarily leaving temporary work to return immediately when called to work by the permanent employing unit that temporarily terminated his or her work within the previous 6 calendar months. For benefit years beginning on or after July 1, 2004, an individual is not disqualified under this subsection for voluntarily leaving work to relocate as a result of his or her military-connected spouse's permanent change of station orders, activation orders, or unit deployment orders.

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