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If i Quit would this be grounds for unemployment. Orlando florida

by Alan

I am asked to do more work in less time . The work load is getting greater everyday. I am often rushed to do the work. My work area is left everyday unsafe and hard to work in because we have not had time to clean. there is no help and things are getting worse and i am very stressed.

Hi Alan,

I can't tell you if have good cause or not.

What I can do is give you some things to think about.

Good cause may be found if the unsafe working conditions are severe enough to cause a reasonable man or women to be fearful for their safety. The state will ask all the relevant questions to determine whether you made an effort to first give the employer an opportunity to correct the problems. This is usually done by bringing your concerns to the employer.

I don't know what you've done in this regard and it is precisely what I believe the unemployment department would focus on .. You making an effort to preserve your job.

You also didn't explain what you believe to be unsafe about the environment. You just said you didn't have time to clean... You didn't tell me if you know for certain or just think the employer is violating safety laws. You didn't mention why your workload keeps increasing.

Has the employer laid people off? Is the employer requiring you to do double duty? Is he requiring you to work unpaid? Is he telling you to not to clean, thereby causing the unsafe conditions?

What do you mean when you say less time?

Has the employer reduced your hours?

Basically, I'm asking you how the job is now presenting a danger to you...besides being stressed by it. Millions of people are stressed at work and are routinely rushed at work.

Alan, good cause is either found or not found in the details and you are the one that will have to form your argument as to why good cause to quit your job existed.

Florida has few "special" provisions. When there is not a provisions except that good cause can exist if unsafe working conditions continue on and you can prove the employer was made aware of them.

Florida's General Labor Laws

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