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If I relocate to another part of the state of Missouri, will I be able to collect unemployment benefits while I am looking for a job?

by Mary
(St. Louis)

I am currently employed at a job that is receiving less work. I have been cut down to 4 days a week in the past and it looks like it might happen again in the very near future, provided the business will even be able to remain open. I am wanting to relocate to another part of the state with a lower cost of living rate.

Would I qualify for unemployment benefits if the business does not close down if I still relocate to another area too far to drive back and forth to current job?

Hi Mary,

No. A quit to relocate to an area just because of the cost of living would be disqualifying. It would be best to wait until laid off.

You can read more about why this is about not a good reason to quit and collect unemployment.

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