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If I start my own business will I lose my unemployment benefits? - Florida

by Pam
(Apopka, FL (Orange County))

I have been collecting unemployment since february due to closure of a business and am seriously considering entrepreneurship.

Once I incorporate my own business in the form of an "S corporation" or an "LLC" and name myself as an officer, will I immediately lose my unemployment benefits or will it be revoked only when/if I actually get my start-up running? (It may be a few months from the time I incorporate to actually opening a storefront.)

Hi Pam,

Incorporating isn't what could end your unemployment benefits per say, but the time you spend getting it up and running.

It's not seeking full-time work and limiting availability for work that would disqualify you from benefits.

It's possible that the state would investigate when they find out you've opened a business .. they would be interested in knowing when and how you are taking care of opening the business and if you are earning any money.

I recently had someone ask a question about why their benefits stopped after they reported a very small amount of money earned after they acquired some sort of license to do janitorial work to make ends meet. She didn't report back to let me know how it turned out with her appeal.

From what she relayed it sounded like the state was questioning her availability for work since she had reported earning from her self-employment.

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