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If i take a job in commission only job can i still collect unemployment until I get a commission. . . State of Florida

by MSU

I am currently collecting unemployment and am looking at changing into a Real Estate career path. The only problem is its commission only and the average time it takes to make a commission check is 12 months. (its commercial real estate) Can I continue to collect unemployment if I still am searching for work but am also taking this commission only job?

I will still be searching for work during this time however I do not believe I will be finding a suitable job for a while and this is the reason for giving the commission only thing a shot. . . .thanks!


I don't see the problem with your plan as long as you continue to make yourself able and available for any full-time work that you are offered and continue to search for a job as required by the State of Florida.

You of course would have to report any commissions you do earn as it will have an effect on your WBA.

And just so you know, if you do earn commissions in real estate .. the commissions are not considered "covered employment" because nobody is paying unemployment tax on it. It's basically considered self-employment.

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