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if i was on suspension for a positive drug test, came back and there was no work

by ledaun
(bakersfield ca)

i was put on suspension when i came back it was slow so i told edd this but a year after ive gotten unemployment 34164 is what i owe them now my old employer said they fired me for a test, i was not fired but put on suspension, i have a witness but edd says i withheld information, the owners dad is my witness he was in there when i was suspended, he's the one who said to file for unemployment because there was no work, why can they not respond when i first applied and now they did and lied i want to appeal but what do i say, i took a second test the same day and it was negative, i was not dirty i had been out sick with a cold for 5 days prior to the test but their company's doctor called me and asked me if i was on any meds, forgetting i had been sick, and my test was clean what do i do

Hi Ledaun,

You must of popped right into the appeal questions and not read anything on the main question page.

But I do have one question for you.

Has the owner's Dad agreed to be your witness?

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