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If I was to quit my current job of 32 hours and work for a temp job of 40 would i still be elegible for unemolyment when the job ends - Minnesota

by Cindy

I have been working for this job for 8 years and i would like to move out of state and seek full time employment but I was wondering If I took a temp job and when the job was done could I get unemployment and be able to move and look for work in the other state?


Probably not. The problem is that you would then be an employee of the temp agency and Minnesota has a special provision for temp workers that require you to contact the agency for another assignment or it is considered a voluntary quit without cause. Working for a temp agency is in my opinion comparable to being an indentured servant.

On top of that your plan to quit and seek other employment in another state would be disqualifying. If you quit it has to be for a reason the Minnesota statues allow benefits. I suggest you check out this page there is a box on the right with a number of topics.

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