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If I'm laid off from my job in Florida in 2010, do I miss out on the extra $25 and extended benefits?

(Central Florida)

Everything I've read seems to have a filing deadline of Dec 26, 2009 to qualify to receive the extra $25 (on top of the maximum $275 weekly benefit)and to qualify to receive extended benefits (beyond the standard 26 weeks paid in Florida). So I'm concerned that if I got laid off in 2010 (which I expect may happen) that I won't qualify to receive the extra benefits. Please advise


The senate is working on a new Emergency unemployment extension bill for 2010. The extra $25 and extending the Cobra subsidies is all on the table.

We can only hope they pass it with the above included and pass it quickly, unlike the debacle in the fall of 2009 which passed with a glitch that made it impossible for a lot of people to receive more extended benefits after Dec. 26

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