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if you get work out of state and you quit your job can you get your unemployment benefits back in your state?

by Jay
(Indianapolis, IN, United States)

I am working in mississsppi and got the job through my union local 481 in Indiana. I am away from my family and had to move to get it. I don't like the job very well and live far away from my family. Is there a way to get my unemployment benefits back after I quit. I currently live biloxi, but my family lives in Indianapolis. Is there anything I can do? Help if you can.

Hi Jay,

Here's the Indiana code. This is specifically the page for disqualifications and provisions that make exceptions.

My concern for you would be that you "accepted the suitable work" knowing that it was outside your "labor market" which in fact would have probably been good cause for refusal of the work .. but now that is questionable.

So I suggest you search for some Indiana unemployment decisions based on a voluntary quit because the work was outside your labor market.

You can try the Indiana Courts site or you can search all you want for 24 hours for free at which is my suggestion. And if you find anything you can email it to yourself and then copy and paste the decision here for others.

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