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If you open a business, will you immediately lose your unemployment compensation you are already receiving?

I have a client who is currently unemployed. Is there a way around from losing 100% of his unemployment compensation?


What kind of business?

Will your client be working in his business?

Making any money?

Will he still be looking for full-time suitable work?

I can't direct you to a resource that will answer the question, definitively, but personally, if someone is opening a business, I would expect them to have to devote time to the business. Even if they aren't yet making money .. there would be an able and available issue to contend with .. not to mention the job search requirements ..

And please don't forget that the feds and the states all have some very sophisticated ways to detect fraud .. including IRS records. It doesn't take much of a leap to imagine they cross check benefit recipients with all kind of government databases.

Might not bite in the near future, but I would be concerned about the distant future.

Hmmmm maybe you should ask a lawyer the question:)

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