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if you quit to avoid being fired later can you collect unemployment?

by eddie
(liberty, missouri)

i have worked for the same company for over 17 years and they want to change my job function to one that i know for a fact i wont be able to perform up to what is expected. if i quit to avoid being fired and the company has stated to me they would NOT try to deny me unemployment benefits do i have a good possibility of getting them? the state is missouri and i was going to move to illinois where i could aide my disabled father.

Hi Eddie,

Missouri is an "attorney state" meaning that if you pay someone to represent you at a hearing .. they must be an attorney .. so I know less about Missouri unemployment.

But as a general rule of thumb .. quitting in "anticipation" of discharge is without good cause, whereby, if you tell the employer that you don't feel capable of doing the job they are now requiring you to do and they fire you for performance .. your odds have greatly increased if it was due to "inability".

Just make sure you document. Put it down in writing. Tell the employer you do not feel confident in your ability to perform to their expectations of the "new" job.

If they are telling you they would not protest your UI benefits .. try to get it in writing. Or at least make sure that if you are terminated .. that's what it states .. Due to "inability".

Thank for the question. It's a good one that everyone should know about.

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