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If you quit your job because they dont have work to keep you busy, can you collect unemployment?

by Chris
(Lynn, MA)

So I have been working at this law firm for over a year. In the beginning, I wasn't really busy just steady. Now I go days without having work and its driving me nuts. I have told my employer multiple times I need work or they need to lay me off nothing has been done. They haven't found work to keep me busy and they haven't laid me off yet. I know during these tough economic times I should be happy to have a job, but this is a little ridiculous, commuting on the train to a job that has no work for you and paying for that commute out of your own pocket.

Hi Chris,

What do you think...the employer has no work, but continues to pay you and you have no other complaints except that you're bored because you have no work.

My experienced guess is if you quit you will then have to pay for transportation to find another job...without the benefit of unemployment because your reason does not even come close to having good cause to quit.

The employer will probably opt not to replace you because they can't justify paying someone else to be bored, but if they did...your job would be snatched up so fast it would make your head spin.

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