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If you resign from your job and start working for a temp agency can you get unemployment in between assignments?

Help! I am not happy at my current job. I have been here 2 1/2 months. I thought the job would get better but it has not I am struggling to get the job right. I would like to resign and go to a temp agency and continue to work until I get a perm position since I need a paycheck coming in to surrvive. I am a widow and supporting myself. In New York can I get unemployment in between temp assignments and can they hold my resingation against me? I will seeking gainful employment right away.

You might be able to get unemployment in between assignments from a temp agency for lack of work .. after you satisfy the disqualification your state imposes for a voluntary quit without good cause.


They don't like to pay unemployment and use every trick inn the book to keep you from collecting .. in fact some states have "temporary worker provisions" which make it even harder to get benefits.

Read every single bit of information you sign when signing up with a temp agency .. because they will become your employer .. not the clients you work for through the temp agency.

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