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If you're offered 1099 work and don't accept, is that considered to be "refusal of work"?

An employment agency offered to get me interviewed at a company. But, the offer was as a 1099 for a two to four week contract. Technically, I'd be considered self-employed. I wouldn't be an employee of the employment agency - or, the company that I'd be doing the work for. So, if I don't accept the contract, do I have to answer yes to the "Did you refuse any work." question on the unemployment certification form?

Can you provide the name of the state please?

And tell me if you've already been working temp assignments for the staffing agency offering to get you the interview?

And if you have an existing UI claim which might now be into federal extension benefits?

Regardless of whether you get back to me .. my first thought is that to refuse work .. there has to be a bonafide offer of work .. not an offer of trying to get you an interview to be a self employed contractor.

However, if you are an employee of the staffing company already .. something would just feel screwy about this whole thing.

I'd just feel better if I could query any substantive changes to what constitutes suitable work in a specific state to answer you.

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