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IL- Can a substitute teacher quit and get paid unemployment if they cut their pay?


I have been a substitute teacher for 13 years. The school district put out a notification that years served and days served in the previous year would no longer apply. The pay has gone from $150 a day to $90 a day. Can I quit and collect unemployment. It is an at will job.


Okay, no contract .. right? No reasonable assurance?

If I were you, I would look for precedent decisions in the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook

It's huge and I think I would look first under the heading "Digest of Adjudication Precedents".

I would want to know what constitutes a substantial pay reduction which allows for a quit to be with good cause.

And since you work for a school, I would also want to know if there are any special laws limiting educators right to unemployment.

The usual issues that affects teachers are "reasonable assurance" and whether you are entitled to benefits during breaks from school .. such as summer..


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