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IL Unemployment Working 2 Jobs getting laid off from 1.

by Ed

I was working for employer a full time and employer b part time. I was layed off from employer a and collecting unemployment while working part time for employer b. While still collecting from employer a, employer b asked me for extra hours which excceded my weekly benefit. At that point under Illinois Law company b becomes the chargeable employer. Now I'm stuck with company b and they can give me just enough hours to set me over my weekly benefit but nothing more because they want to limit my wages intentionally. What are my rights? Can I tell them I only wanna work so many hours so I can collect unemployment and the little extra from their payroll.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Limiting your availability to work because it effects your WBA is not a wise move.

I don't know of any rights associated with your employment situation except that IL will disregard up to 1/2 of your earnings when computing your partial unemployment benefit amount before they start reducing dollar for dollar if you work less than full-time.

Are you still filing?

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Mar 05, 2010
Chargeable Employer
by: Ed

Yes I'm still partially collecting when I work less than my weekly benefit amount. But my employer is presently trying to figure out how they can just put me slightly over the weekly benefit amount and nothing more. This benefits them because when my pay goes above the weekly benefit amount their off the hook for unemployment and also it reduces my overall wages for the quarter so when its time to be reavaluated by the state at the 1 year mark my earning are less and inturn my weekly benefit will decrease. I wasn't originally laid of by this company they are just the chargeable employer by IL law so now their stuck with me and my situation.

Unfortunately when they limit my hours they cap my earning potential.

Well, it's understandable .. isn't it, but you lost me at the part where you say that your overall earning for a quarter will be reduced .. because unemployment benefits ..; are not wages.

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