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Illinois. I've been on unemployment a short period of time. Do I have to accept the first job offered to me.

by Anonymous

I made 16.75 hr. What if I am offered a minimum wage job with poor benefits? Can I say no and wait on other offers.

Hi Anonymous,

Here is the link to the
IDES digest of adjudication precedents for refusal of work.

You could also just use the
Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook It's HUGE. I just use the search function to find what I'm looking for. In your case .. You'll want to read about "refusal of work" and "suitable work". It's doubtful a refusal of a minimum wage job would be disqualifying .. but you are wise to ask because as time goes by .. we are expected to lower our standards. Other things to consider other than wages can be found under refusal of work .. good cause or the lack of it are explained.

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