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Whether you need to get Illinois Unemployment Benefits or if you prefer, Illinois Unemployment Compensation, the purpose of this site is to explain how unemployment benefits work for the benefit of unemployed people.

Also known as IDES, Illinois Unemployment has the fattest online resource available of any state unemployment department to explain how it all works, but it is common for people to become overwhelmed by the amount of information when you're trying to find the answer to either of the most basic questions about unemployment.

If either is your main concern, it's time to consider if you will be able to win an IL unemployment benefits appeal hearing.

A Couple More Basic Illinois Unemployment Benefits Q&A's

What is the maximum you can get for unemployment benefits in Illinois? (The maximum, regardless of how much made is $531.)

Can a part time employee in Illinois be eligible to receive unemployment benefits? (See Table 5-10.)

What if the temp agency told Illinois unemployment I did not call them weekly now I have to have an eligibility phone interview? (Good Question, since Illinois does not have what is known as a temporary worker provision. Maybe Illinois has decided to try to interpret a failure to contact the temp agency for further work as a voluntary resignation without good cause. You might check that big fat resource up above.

Going To The Unemployment Appeal Hearing Alone

I do not recommend it unless you think you can represent yourself effectively.

Many state employment security departments will tell you that the appeal hearing is designed so all parties are able to represent themselves effectively.

Don't you believe it. I know, some of you will manage just fine, but I would guess it's because the case facts are cut and dried.

Every bit of my experience in unemployment was derived from working closely with employers in preparation for unemployment hearings. I assigned reps to represent them .. why wouldn't you need one too? Especially since you have a lot less experience at these proceedings.

Illinois unemployment's appeal process is also, a tad different than most states.

Without fail, every initial determination from IDES comes with a form to "request reconsideration".

This is nothing more than what is typically called a re-determination. It's just an extra step in the appeal process which is used sparingly in other states.

This means it takes longer to get to the phone appeal hearing in IL.

The majority of states simply, skip this step and go straight to the appeal hearing.

But there's always a positive spin on even this .. it gives you more time to prepare well for your appeal hearing.

And for me, that means finding an experienced unemployment hearing rep. No need for unemployment attorneys in Illinois.

And I'd take someone experienced in unemployment only any day of the week.

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