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Illinois-Terminated on final warning of tardiness due to storm...

by Israea

I was terminated on 7.15.11 due to tardiness. At the time I was 7.5 months pregnant and had been previously warned due to other child care issues. However the reasoning for my tardiness this final go around was beyond my control.

During the days I was considered to be tardy that resulted in my termination, the city I live in endured a severe storm that left quite a few trees and power lines all over streets and roadways which made travel impossible. Hence detours, traffic jams, etc. Had this not taken place, I would of not been tardy. I explained this to my employer and he said it was unacceptable. I work under a union and when I grieved this case, I was told by the administrator that the termination still stands and she got up and walked away. She never asked why I was late or tried to work with me because of the reasoning.

I filed for my benefits and went thru the interview with the adjudicator who found me ineligible. Never did he ask me why or what resulted in your tardiness. All he kept saying was focus on the question & your reactions are being documented. Also during that time, there were other employees that were not disciplined for their tardies or no calls no shows during the storms. My timecard was the only one reviewed and some employees were even accommodated in regards to being late but yet I get fired.

I take full responsibility for being tardy but given how pregnant I was, and that my time was the only employees reviewed and given the circumstances were beyond my control, what are the odds ill be approved for benefits?
Ive attended every interview offered to me but being now 8 mos pregnant...we all know no one will hire me. I have 2 other little ones to care for and am on the verge of losing it all.
Any suggestions?

No, you did just fine. You have your argument in place .. now try to find documentation .. including the employee handbook and possibly a printed out news report about the travel conditions that day.

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Sep 15, 2011
Too little too late...
by: Israea

thank you for the reply. unfortunately I was denied and now I am having to appeal it to the board of review.

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