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illness (cancer)

by Pilar
(Miami, Fl)

my brother has been working as a full time employee for the past 2 years; 2 days ago, he was admitted to the hospital due to abdominal pain and the outcome was appendicitis and also a possibility and liver metastasis from a previous seminoma (testicular cancer) 5 years ago.

His boss "fired" him today when he knew about his diagnosis and told him that he will pay "officially" for 3 days and as a "favor" from their part 1 more week, but no chances to go back to work.
He lives in Naples, Fl and just 1 time was off due two days due to illness in the past 2 years.
Please help me!!!!

Hi Pilar,

Tell your brother to file for unemployment. This would be a discharge without good cause.

If an employer fires a person after they inform the employer of a health problem, but the employee is still able and available for work they will collect unemployment.

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