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I'm a Contingent Worker

by J.P.
(Rhode Island)

I was hired on a contract position for the duration of 6 months. I've been in the position for 3 weeks and yesterday I was called by the agency that hired me on and told i was no longer needed and that the company is eliminating that position. The agency said they really liked my work but no longer have the need for that position. Is there something I can do since they broke the contract?

Contingent Contract Broken?

I'm moving this to the Q&As asked about Temp Employment and Unemployment.

I guess my question for you is if the broken contract for temporary employment was with you, or the temp agency? If the latter .. understand that temporary, contingent, or on demand work through a temp staffing agency, generally just means the temp worker, no matter what company they are working at, is the at-will employee of the temporary staffing agency.

What I suggest most temp (contingent worker) should do .. is document (email) a request to their recruiter at the temp agency, to inform them when an assignment is ended by a client company and to request another suitable job assignment.

What's the purpose in doing this? So, a temp employee can at least prove they shouldn't be denied benefits if a state has a special provision .. just for temp employees.

Documenting to prove facts is always as good idea, but it's a very good practice for temp employees .. even if Rhode Island isn't listed on that page above, as a state with a special temporary worker voluntary quit provision that places the unforeseen burden, of having to contact a temp agency to notify and/or ask for another temp assignment to avoid the perception of this sort of scenario that results with findings the claimant voluntary quit without good cause .. for not asking, but assuming their employer knows when an assignment is over .. or a contract with a client .. is broken .. or just expired.

Chris -

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