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I'm a contract worker being overworked and have also had my pay cut by 6 percent. Do I have good cause to quit in Michigan?

by Joe


I took a position through a contract firm originally to help clean up and assist in a department.

Since then, I have taken over two different full time positions and have recently had a part of a third added to my duties which I can't possibly complete. On top of that, the company recently cut my pay 6% using the current economy as an excuse.

I know that I have rights to unemployment as a contractor under normal circumstances in Michigan but my job duties have changed dramatically and I've been given a pay cut. Is that grounds to quit and file a claim?

Hi Joe,

A six percent reduction in pay is not considered substantial enough by the state of Michigan to give you good cause to quit.

I checked every single decision under Voluntary Leaving I found a decision that said 17% was considered substantial and one that said 15% was not, but that one involved the employer no longer allowing overtime.

I did not find a decision that addressed sufficiently a "change" in the amount of work plus a reduction in pay.

I suggest that before you make a rash decision to quit...that you contact the the Advocacy Program There is an 800 number at the bottom of the page.

You should ask them if the combination of all the added duties and the reduction in pay would add up to good cause. By the way, it's still necessary to be able to prove that you gave the employer ample opportunity to correct the any case.

You're fortunate that Michigan has such a program ...most states don't.

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