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I'm being harrassed at work by my supervisor

I have on several occasions told my boss and her boss about one of the leads on the CS floor constantly asks me for cigarettes- its become harassing to me and I'm sick of it. If I don't comply with him and his constant asking I get treated like crap, he is my sup and wont leave me alone to the point where i am trying to avoid him , i park in the front of the building, take my breaks a little late or early to avoid seeing him because he constantly harps on me , corners me and begs me for them. His boss has warned him and it slowed down for a while and now its on again , to where he drops money at my desk and pretty much demands them.If i do say no than he ignores me, annoys me and comes up behind me and tips my chair, whispers things like ..Im not suppose to ask you but Im having a bad day please just one more cigarette.then he'll say Dont tell !! Im fed up!! I say no and then I suffer .What can I do now ?

Okay Anonymous,

The only thing you didn't provide is a description of what being treated like crap means to you.

If you must, because you feel like this is a battle worth fighting .. repeat the complaint to your sup's manager and/or escalate the matter beyond what you have done so far .. but not because he's bummin' cigs from you, but because when you refuse to give him one .. he is treating you differently and unfairly from any other subordinate and ignoring the rules of the employer.

Just make sure you document.

Or .. you could just quit smoking .. or charge more per cig.

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