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I'm going in debt if i keep this job.

by John
(Grafton Wv.)

I live in WV.. My wife and I work for the same Co.

She hurt her back at work and now is on light duty. We work the same hours and now they want me to work a different shift. She is not allowed to drive because of the meds the Dr. put her on.

If they say I have no choice, can i quit and get my unemployment..

If i change my shift it is another $12 dollars a day in gas plus a lot of other reasons.

Hi John,

No John, that would not be good cause to quit.

You must, I repeat, must make efforts to preserve the employment and then your reasons for quitting must hold up to the scrutiny of state personnel with regard to whether your reasons were with good cause.

Financial hardship is difficult to prove to be attributable to the employer.

I suggest you go to the employer and explain that since your wife .. who is also an employee, cannot drive due to the meds.

John, let me explain why $12 dollars a day would not be seen as an unreasonable loss to incur.

If you quit, you will lose approximately 50 percent of your income vs. $12 dollars a day. That's not a reasonable decision.

The choice is to lose $12 dollars a day until your wife can drive herself .. or go into greater debt by the loss of any income you receive if you quit.

This is a temporary problem, which can more easily be endured than quitting your job and getting unemployment. Which of course you will not get.

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