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I'm going to be fired for violation of the point system attendance policy. I'm on FMLA too.

by john

this could be a different situation, I have some medical problems for which i have fmla for .. i'm allowed 420 hrs for 6 months , i still have time left for my fmla, now the fmla is for myself not for a family member, but a family member has fallen ill who i take care of so i called out for their illness, but did not use my fmla , i used an emergency day , now my company is on the verge of firing me for missing too many days , the attendance is based on a point system, when i call out for fmla they dont take points but for emergency they take points so over the last year my points are low and im gonna get fired

Hi John,

And that's exactly what the state will be looking at. The reason for the absences other than FMLA. They will want to know the reasons for the "point absences". It will depend on "who" this person is .. whether it was reasonable of you to take time off etc.

When a person is on FMLA ... trust me when I say that some employers consider you "a major pain in the ass". They of course grasp at anything they can to try and get rid of you. Sometimes this is justified .. no doubt .. because some people do abuse FMLA status, but I advise anyone who is on FMLA to get real sharp about their rights and quick so they can recognize when an employer may be infringing upon their rights and learn how to take care of situation as they arise.

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