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I'm going to school and need to quit my job.

by Meghan

I am currently enrolled in school and I'm also working part time in Florida. While it's only 15 hours a week, I am still feeling overwhelmed with doing both. I want to quit my job, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to collect unemployment. Someone told me I might be able to, because of the working conditions. I've been pushed around and had my hours changed quite a bit, I haven't received my 90 day review and I've more than passed that mark, and the hours change every month because of the budget. I don't know if any of that makes a difference. But is the state of Florida more lenient if you are a currently enrolled student and want to quit your job because of school? Schedules are not conflicting, but the work load is heavy for the summer and I fear that it's going to be too much pressure on me. Do you have any suggestions? I'd hate to quit and then not be able to collect unemployment for the summer.

Hi Meghan,

I do see a few problems.

1. Florida only gives unemployment to part-time workers if they have a "history of part-time work only.

2. The hour changes. What kind of work is it? This usually isn't good cause.

3. Your real motivation for quitting is because it is interfering with school. Attending school doesn't necessarily disqualify you in Florida, but when you limit your availability for work because of school .. that does. So no, they are not more lenient toward students .. unless you are in "state approved training" which they of course would know about.

4. You didn't mention anything about the employment you had previous to this job, but whether you'd be able to qualify may also depend on that job and why you separated from it. A voluntary quit disqualification in Florida is to return to work and earn at least 17 times your weekly benefit amount, plus you will also need to have a qualifying separation from the subsequent employment.

5. If you didn't have a job prior to this one .. you haven't worked long enough to be monetarily eligible. You must have at least the minimum monetary requirement and it has to be in at least two quarters .. in you base period.

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