Im having trouble understanding my benefits


I filled for benefits and after i received my packet in the mail i see that on line 12 there is 0.00 in each of the quarters. I worked those months. can you tell me what this means??? did my employer fight this or did i do something wrong with my application, I did the application on line. thank you.

You are telling me about monetary qualifying information and those quarter are the quarters of your base period, relative to the date you applied for benefits. Although I could make some guesses about why there is a 0.00 in each quarter .. I no longer take wild stabs at explaining what might be going on.

I do not have sufficient information to explain "what if anything went wrong yet, however, aside from what you did tell me .. knowing what the monetary determination actually says would be helpful.

If it says something along the lines of .. you are not qualified due to insufficient wages in your base period, and you disagree, you have to appeal the monetary determination.

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