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I'm in Maryland. Can anyone direct me as to what my rights are.

by Greg
(Gaithersburg, MD)

This is an opportunity I can not pass up but need some guidance as to where to look. I live in Maryland in one of the highest cost of living in the U.S. I was laid of in May of 2009 and it's impossible to get a job that will even come close to paying my bills (which aren't that bad). I have always wanted to go to school but my kind of work is VERY labor intensive. I want to go to school to better my career or change careers all together. Please. Can anyone direct me where to go.

Hi Greg,

Here's a few links to get you started.

To find out what your rights are or what Maryland offers as far as training benefits .. you will have to ask at a Maryland Workforce Center or dig a little because nothing jumped out when I searched for Maryland training benefits .. like it would for California.


Maryland Higher Education Commission

Maryland Workforce exchange

What's available to you and what your rights are when it comes to school and collecting unemployment can be much different from state to state, so I strongly urge you to contact your local workforce exchange office in Maryland .. they can explain your rights and options to you.

Another thing to consider is that WIA is a federal grant program and each state has their own list of "approved training providers" so don't be shy about asking if you can go outside of Maryland to get what you need or want as far as school.

If you opt for a school that isn't on the state's list of training providers .. you might want to also check into how Maryland decides "availability for work" issues when it comes to attendance of school.

You can get a bearing on that issue with MD's Decision Digest.


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