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I'm so confused, and need to just..vent.

by Jacqueline
(Indiana, USA)

So..a year or so ago, I lost what we considered in this area an okay paying job due to my unsatisfactory job performance. This meaning my inability to fully help, inform and teach someone what they needed to know about their equipment and services in fifteen minutes or less. Basically, the marketing was working and more and more needed help with not only what we provided, but things we didn't offer support for, like and basic pc functionality. I have a soft spot for the technologically challenged, having recently taught my father how to use a computer, email, Craigslist, etc. and this was the reason I did not feel bad about helping people as much as possible while I had them. It also lessened the amount of 'call backs' which the company insists costs them money, so the idea that someone could be fully educated and not NEED to call back made sense to me, apparently not so for them.

I bore witness to some deplorable customer service (or lack thereof) tactics that others would implement to save their jobs at the end of each month, most of which are still gainfully employed at the same spot. I would love to share them, but for fear of giving away the aforementioned employer and somehow, someway getting into serious trouble, I cannot. (If you email me, I will)
Anyway, I knew it was coming, I had a manager that consistently harassed me and a few others daily, pulling us aside to discuss performance, etc. and once went so far as to accuse me of a mental deficiency, and a union that despite numerous like complaints against the same person did seemingly nothing about it. Oh, I failed to mention this manager was also physically involved with their direct superior and remains so to this day? Rumor, no..relevant..probably not, against the companies own policy..most definitely.
Anyway, after about two years of working and enduring some emotional discomfort nearly every day, I decided to change my schedule, became a union representative and planned my vacation, all to coincide. I changed my schedule, became a rep and promptly went on a well deserved two week vacation. When I returned to my newly appointed time slot, I was immediately fired, and not even by the manager who had so doggedly worked toward my, and many others', dismissal, it was my new manager, poor guy. I had, as I said, expected this.
So I immediately filed, as soon as I returned home, and it was determined they didn't have good cause, no fault of my own, etc.
Okay, so a few months pass, and I had the opportunity to take on a job in a completely different field for a little less pay, but comfortable surroundings. I had to train for this position, submit to some tests, become licensed, etc. and this I did. I was also able to receive partial benefits b/c my weekly pay did not add up to my WBA. After only two short months, my job kind of disappeared. I had one client and aside from a couple of fill ins during my client's hospital stay, no other client, there were none available mostly due to a hiring spree at the time of my employment. So my client's caregiver, decides to place my client in a long term care facility, which I can understand..after 25 years of taking care of someone who is mentally and physically disabled, someone might need a break. So, the company I worked for was aware of the development about the same time I was, two days before it was done. I awaited re-assignment, but for weeks there was I decided, like many others to enroll in school, and I opted for full time at first, in order to graduate, and be back to work, quicker. I called this company and let them know my plan, as there was not enough work available and asked that I be considered for part time evenings first, due to my priority change. I was assured this would be done, should a client require this type of care during that time of day. I didn't hear from them for weeks, and I'll admit, I didn't call them, either,
b/c I (wrongly) assumed they would reach me if work were available..after all, that was a stipulation, to be reachable and ready to work..
So then, my UI extension just stopped. I called my local office and they claimed that the same paperwork had been sent to two different addresses, or something like that and they would resend paperwork to the appropriate people. This was not the case, long story short(eh, right?), I filed no wages for this employer for a while, and still received no benefits, and for the longest time, no one could seem to explain why despite visits to the local office, phone calls and numerous emails to DWD.
Finally, I get a call from someone in Indianapolis with questions about my employer and in the course of the conversation find out that I was 'deactivated' by them, and wasn't told. I had assumed all this time I was an active employee with no work available. Then I was told I had to file a claim on this employer, which prompted me to ask about my extension which has several weeks on it, even now. I was told that 'anytime we can take you off of an extension and put you on a regular claim, we do'
Uh, okay.
I'll try and shorten this up, even I'M tired of reading it.
So my claim was denied, had a phone hearing due to my appeal, explained the simple situation and it was determined I left employment with no good cause. Yeah, b/c I absolutely cannot stand being able to pay my bills.
So, I notice, that not only is my extension still 'open' and the claim that I lost on appeal 'open', but the end dates on both have changed, twice, extending them. So I call and I write and I call and call, to ask why are these left 'open'. I am told I am in 'denial status' and that in order to qualify for benefits I would have to have had a job since 6/10/10, worked a total of 8 weeks earning MORE than my WBA (which at the time it had not even been 4 weeks from that date)and then lose my job through no fault of my own.
Okay..if I had a job like that, I wouldn't need UI, first of all..secondly..why in the world are both of these claims still 'open'?! I mean..why? Why can't I finish out the extension which was filed on a completely different employer, and for which benefits were approved? I am still unemployed, still actively searching..and getting cards in the mail..'Due to the high number of applicants...blah can take 4-6 weeks, blah blah..' I am still in school full time, really not wanting to go to part time b/c it extends my graduation to more than 8 months and I still wouldn't make enough money to make it, though some is better than nothing. With so many people going after the same positions, I can't even get hired at a restaurant and I have TONS of experience.
My family does what they can to help me out, but they're in pretty dire straits, as well. UI gone, no job, dryer stops working, a/c stops working, house is a firetrap, need knee surgery, dog ran away, hoping beyond hope I win Publisher's Clearing House..I would spread it around. This is wayyy too much tribulation for me and it's not even all of it..I'm trying to stick to the unemployment issue, really.
Well, guess what..I graduate in about 4 months. I might have no gas, no food, no electricity, no water, no idea how I'll ever catch up AND pay student loans, but I'll have a nearly recession proof career and since I'll probably not be able to afford my house anymore and living in my car (I own it, free and clear, woot!), leave the state of Indiana with my middle fingers up and the pedal to the metal.
My cancer stricken friend and I are considering moving to France. Better health care, better working conditions and all the pastry you can eat..yet STILL not get fat? Most of our luggage will be body soap, but it's looking better and better every day.

Thank you and goodnight!

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Jul 10, 2011
Hard to deal with, hard to believe...but I do.
by: Anonymous

Can relate. Instead of help we get treated like criminals...remember how the "criminal justice" has had to be looked at and rearranged.. somewhat?
Justice for the unjust has gone too far. Fire at will? That means employers can do what they want to employees to get rid of them. Believe me, I have walked the walk, even when I am one of the most productive employees. Now in position of being done away with because my office is needed for two males who work part time hours less than mine. Problem, they say, is that I don't answer my e-mails as soon as I should when the system is partly at fault. After I have assured clients that I do not have any more info on improvement of clients I must e-mail them anyway, when my time is filled with giving attention to others. I am watched closely, no other workers are, but to get someone to witness to that fact, you better believe they won't testify because they are afraid of losing their jobs! What happened to America and her attitude? The old addage of complete power corrupts completely is not visited or analyzed here anymore. It seems that people are pushed to the limit and to just survive causes perspective and behavior changes ........ balance of power, to hard to goes the nation.......

Aug 31, 2010
Recession proof..
by: Jacqueline

I opted for Cosmetology. I know, that at first I thought what most people school, but I figured no one was impressed with any other diploma or certification I held, so after researching the possibilities this turned out to be a sound decision and I was rather surprised by what I learned.
Just a few examples of why I feel it's the right choice for me..
I can work for someone else, or work for myself, certain services I can perform in someone's home (I plan also to study esthetics and massage therapy, part time, after graduation)
The opportunities branch out into many directions, including but not limited to, representative for a manufacturer, makeup artist/hair stylist, competitions, photo shoots, trade show and industry platform presentations, educational presentations, teaching, I mean really I don't have the list in front of me, but it's, though a bit macabre, is extremely lucrative, the final presentation of a person for their funeral.
Also, it's mobile..if I'm licensed I can do it anywhere, and it seems I have a knack for some services in particular, a couple of which aren't readily offered in every single salon/spa.
Anyway, I put enough research into it to know I cannot fail, the money I make will be entirely dependent on me.

Ya know, I might shoot an email to let you in on some of the unscrupulous habits of my former if you ever find yourself a hapless customer at the mercy of a voice on the phone you might be able to call their bs. Heh.
OH! Technologically challenged wasn't meant to be derogatory..if not for those folks I wouldn't have been so good at my job. I measured my success then by the sincere thanks of the customers I helped with issues the company 'doesn't support'.
I mean, who does it hurt to walk someone through setting up a Gmail account or basic pc info so they can USE the new machine they got with that company's product? I mean..if they can't use their computer, they can't use the product, duh!
'Course, they'd still have to pay for it, so maybe that's the thing.
Ya know, once I got into trouble for advising someone to return to their previous carrier b/c they provided coverage we did not. Two more days and this person would have been locked into a long contract, how fair is that? What kind of employee would I be had I let this person b/c bound into a contract for a service he could not use?
Maybe an ideal (and still employed) one. That's not customer service to me. You wouldn't believe the stuff I'd get called out for, completely ridiculous. I don't know if I'll ever be done venting about that job, b/c there was so much wrong with the way they do business.

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